police car leading parade
smiling police woman in car
color bearing truck
color bearer
band players
Dave & Vicky McAlister
farmers in plaid
farmyard with bible verse
haybale scene
skiers around silo
children dressed as farm animals
havest scene
lady and lion in cage
alumni carrying banner
alumni in truck  alumni on float
trick car leaning back
classic cars classic car classic car
classic tractor classic tractor  classic tractor
car and rancers
horseback riders
company trucks
emergency command car
fire trucks
fire trucks
ambulance and man throwing candy
parade emcee
parade crowd
parade crowd
Chief Sam Frand

Soap Box Derby

derby starting line
derby officials  derby trophies
derby coaching
derby racer derby racer derby racer
derby racer derby racer derby racer
derby racer
derby racer
derby racer
derby racer
derby racer
derby winner

Other Fun

auction crowd
auctioneer Brent Stevens
paddle board
The Deal of the Night

auction staff
auction clean up
belt sander race
children with prizes
men watch events  2 cows on flop grid
woman throwing at dunk tank  man in dunk tank
man on ball balancing axes
softball team
child on toy tractor  child on toy tractor
wildlife presentation
porcupinetwilight sky over festive tent and buildings