police car leading parade
side view of police car
parade color guard far view
parade color guard near view
parade marshalls
alumni float
1948 alumni marching behind float of the old high school model
alumni riding in car
alumni riding in car
Local band
local band playing
6-wheel buggy
children dressed in costumes and big glasses
children dressed in bright clothes marching in parade
horse dressed to look like a carousel horse
classic thunderbird car
antique car
classic car
classic mustang car
classic convertible car
clown carrying balloons and a basket
John Deere tractor pulling a float filled with children
soap box derby car in parade
blue brothers soap box derby car
horse pulling woman on 2 wheel seat
fire engine no. 3
parade float representing Canaan Fair
man waving from old truck
mini log cabin float
2 boys in overalls pulling a cart
smiling fire fighter walking behind fire truck
Mascoma football players
2 men on a ford tractor
classic tractor
farmall tractor
boy on toy tractor

clown on a horse
Leaping Lean stunt car
girl waving from float
2 mules pulling float
small cabin as a petting zoo float
several girls dressed in pink riding pink bikes
Indian River Nursery School teachers adn children marching in parade
Canaan Speedway lead car
Canaan Rescue truck
clown on a horse
boyscouts marching
children dressed in colonial clothes
Adults and teen dressed in colonial clothes
calliope and player
flapper dancer on parae float with stoves
close up of flapper dancer
craft vendors on the green
children playing in sawdust