Hurricane Irene
More than 5 inches of rain feel in under 10 hours on Sunday, August 28th as Irene swamped the Northeast. Most of our streams flooded over their banks and washed out road shoulders, roadways and culverts. Innumerable roads were closed in Canaan with a few remaining closed for up to two weeks.

More than 40 people, including Firefighters, Police Officers, Highway crew and civilian volunteers, served as traffic control, filled and placed sand bags, pumped cellars, set up generators, saved a dam, rescued propane tanks, removed debris, set up barricades, rescued stranded people, towed flooded vehicles, manned shelters, responded to downed power lines and notified people of impeding danger. Their efforts were astounding. Less than twenty hours of paid employee overtime was recorded.

Preparations were completed more than 48 hours prior to the storm and we all survived fairly well. There was significant damage to town highways that has been mostly repaired with 75% of the cost borne by FEMA.

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station Road received heavy damage as Orange Brook overflowed at a sharp bend up-stream from the transfer station bridge. The flooding undermined long sections of the road, took out sections of the chain link fence, destroyed paving and plugged the bridge openings with debris that had to be removed. The road was still underwater 24 hours after the flooding started. Total damage expense was about $24,000 plus town labor.
Lashua Road
A bridge over Mascoma River that services Lashua Road (off River Road) was moved partially off of the abutments and the decking was damaged by Irene. The bridge was impassable for several weeks and was eventually reset and the decking was replaced. The cost was $10,800.
Cider Mill Road
Cider Mill Road had extensive damage from washouts along the road and cross road washouts. The road remained closed for nearly 48 hours. New culverts and many loads of gravel and stone were needed to reopen the road. Damage totaled $16,200 plus town labor.
Jerusalem Road
There were several washouts at the North end of Jerusalem Road that made passage difficult as well as many areas where shoulders were washed away. The major problem was the washout at the intersection of Jerusalem Road and Springs Road. A tributary that feeds into Indian River became a raging torrent that took out a major culvert under Jerusalem Road making it impassable from South to North. The total cost for materials and equipment for this repair was $12,400.
Potato Road
Potato Road had damage both north of South Road and south of South Road. The road was under water most of the way between US Route 4 and the hill that climbs up to South Road. Water flooded all along the plain that is north of the bridge. The hill that climbs up towards South Road washed out due to the heavy waters flowing down the ditches. One culvert plugged entirely and had to be removed. Extensive rebuilding work occurred along the east side of the road. South of South Road there were also washouts and another culverts had to be replaced. The total cost of equipment time and materials for Potato Road was $7,500.  
About Town
   Other roads damaged included Prospect, North Lary, Choate, West Farms, Ibey, Ball Park, Depot, May, Sugar Hill, Maple, and Abbott Roads. The total cost of labor, equipment and materials was $97,500.