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Thirty intrepid golfers competed for the 2015 coveted Babcock trophy. Kati Jopek was this year's winner with the lowest score. Allie Lary was the winner of the Driving Contest with the longest drive of 63 feet.

2015 Babcock Trophy Winner

sign up line Thetford Brothers
Colorful hats keep golfers warm as they sign up to play. The Thetford brothers... really, all the way from Thetford, VT, return to play another year.

First Hole Tee Off
Golfers take aim at the First Hole.

tiny golfers
Grandma and Grandpa Gowing and their tiny golfers.

Pizza and Pies Happy Pie Winner
There was no after-golf pizza eating contest, but the amount of pizza consumed appears to have surpassed all records. One happy winner - Alan Ricard wins a prize apple pie.