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The 2015 celebration in Canaan Village was a huge success. More than 400 photos with Santa were taken, cookies and other goodies disappeared, and there were lines at many of the locations. There were many comments about the weather, the numbers of people and how neat and well lit the village was. The carolers raised everyone's spirits. The parade was great and the sewer pumping truck with the ice blue lights was certainly impressive. The count was in excess of 700 people. It was wonderful to see so many children as well as adults of all ages strolling down the street and talking with people they knew and some that they didn't know.

If you have other photos you would like to share, please email them to lbicknell@canaannh.org


cookies ready for frosting

frosted cookie

long view of gingerbread houses

gingerbread contest

gingerbread contest

gingerbread school

gingerbread nativity

train display


fun with Mrs. Claus


family in gazebo

Passport Winners


Cameron McNamara


Melanie Monmaney


Ashley Collins


Gail Darling


Lynn Brown


Elizabeth Warner (her dad, Tom, is pictured)

No photos Available:
Hazel Garrity-Hanchett & Brianna Withington

Chili & Bean Winners


1st: Chris Dow
2nd: Tim Josephson
3rd: Christy Barton


1st: Pauline Angier
2nd: Jessica Shampney
3rd: Dee Schmidt

Gingerbread House Contest

1st place: Angel Buckwold, Log Home
2nd place: Jessica Vivian, Chocolate Dream
3rd place: Mrs. Audette's 2nd grade class at Canaan Elementary School

Friends of Canaan Library Candy Guess

Natalie Thorensen