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Recycling Changes

There is a new recycling system in place at the Canaan Transfer Station.


The Town of Canaan has switched to a single stream of all recyclables. The materials taken will include more things. Once a month the items will be shipped in a tractor trailer to Portland Maine. This will reduce our trucking charges by about $15,000 a year and assure that recycling remains less costly than disposal.

The Collection Trailer for Recyclables:

trailer to hold recycled materials

The Compactor:
recycling compactor

The ramp to the new compactor:
entry ramp

New Drop off:
ramp at compactor level

Exiting the ramp:
exit road

Everything will still be recycled but will be processed at a more economical, very large recycling facility.

This is what can and can't be recycled:

recycling poster
Click to View PDF.

poster of recycling rules
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recycling rules flier
recycling rules flier page 2
Printable PDF of the Recycling Brochure: Click Here.

Welcome to the Canaan Transfer Station!

Drop off boxes at Transfer Station

In December of 2011, the Transfer Station was re-outfitted with a larger trailer and a change in traffic patterns to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Public response was generally favorable and the estimated hauling cost reduction from $37,000 in 2011 to $14,000 for 2013 was well received.

map of transfer station

To enter the transfer station turn left at the old gate, go halfway up the hill and turn right.

drop off point users at transfer station

The trash hopper will be on your right side about 100 feet down the road. Stay to the right of the reflectors and two cars can park side by side easily. If the first car pulls up to the end of the concrete pad, a total of four cars can access the hopper at a time.

drop off point trash being dropped off

collection hopper

When you stop at the trash disposal area, let the attendant know if you have any special wastes like brush, oil, electronics, metal, refrigerators, tires or propane tanks.

drop off road

After dropping the trash off, continue down the road and circle back through the recycling area.

General Rules:

  • The Canaan Transfer Station is available for use by residents of Canaan and Orange who have a valid transfer station sticker available at the respective Town Offices.

  • Transfer Station Stickers are required to use the Transfer Station. Each year the decal color on your sticker must be updated to reflect the current year.
transfer station sticker

town of orange sticker
  • Beginning on September 1, 2017 only PINK decals will be valid. Pink decals will be valid until September 2019.
valid sticker
  • Place your annual PINK decal on your existing Transfer Station Sticker.
adding seal to sticker
  • Please be sure to call ahead to the Transfer Station 523-7952 to see if they are accepting brush for the burn pile before you load your vehicle and head down to the facility. We have had few opportunities to burn this season due to the dry conditions and have limited capacity to accept brush. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • It is illegal for any person to place or cause to be placed any waste in or around the Town's Transfer Station when the facility is not open to the public.

  • The Transfer Station is for Canaan Residents only. Permits to use the facility are required.

  • Recycling is encouraged in order to save cost of trash disposal.

  • The Transfer Station is for household wastes only.

  • Resident users shall follow the directions of the Transfer Station Attendant at all times.

  • Bulky waste like furniture and mattresses and construction waste must go the the Lebanon Landfill - call 298-6486 or 298-7872.

Items that Require a Disposal Fee:

  • Items needing freon removal: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, etc. All contents and doors must be removed prior to drop off. Cost: $10

  • Television Sets, Computers, or Computer Monitors: $15

  • Propane Tanks: 20 pound tanks: $1. Larger tanks: $10

  • Tires: Passenger tires: $2 each. Trucks tires: $5 each. Larger tires are priced by size.

  • Florescent Bulbs and Tubes: 50¢ each

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Household Hazardous Waste must be brought to the transfer station on the days advertised. Click here to view a chart of items that are considered Household Hazardous Waste. All items marked in red under the HHW Column are accepted. There are no fees.

Transfer Station Drop Off

In 2012 the Town established three goals for the future:

♦Institute a Household Hazardous Waste Program
♦Restore construction waste and bulky waste disposal
♦Increase use of composting for yard and compostable waste

Household Hazardous Waste

Waste Collection 2013Household Hazardous Waste events are held twice annually to take dangerous chemicals out of the waste stream and to recycle as much as possible. The sidebar on the left has a flyer that lists all of the chemicals that are collected. There is no charge for this service and it is paid for by our taxes.

Unlike regional programs where a resident has to drive twenty or more miles, the Canaan program is located at the Canaan Transfer Station. There is no charge to Canaan residents. The cost to the Town of Canaan is about a third of the cost of having the Regional Planning Commission provide the service.

All of Canaan's staff are properly trained. Waste oil, paint and antipfreeze are recycled. The waste is recycled by painting with the used paint, burning the waste oil in a waste oil furnace in the Town Garage and by recycling the antifreeze. 85% of all waste received in 2014 fit into the recycled category. All other waste is properly disposed of by licensed hazardous waste disposal companies.

We are looking to expand this service to neighboring towns at a profit to Canaan while still saving them money.

New Waste Hauling System

Hualing TruckIn 2014 Canaan switched to a full-time transfer station operator. J.R. Defosse was hired at the end of January to work 24 hours a week as a transfer station manager. He works an additional 16 hours a week hauling trash from town properties, doing government building repairs, and driving a tractor trailer that hauls our trash to the Lebanon Landfill. This gives us more control and flexibility over our waste hauling for the same amount, but adds services to maintain government buildings. J.R. came to us after working decades for Barry Normandeau's waste hauling company, Normandeau Trucking, in Groveton, NH.

Construction Waste

In the past we have taken construction waste at the transfer station. We discontinued the program because we had no accurate way of weighing the waste and therefore we undercharged for disposal. Our goal is to acquire a scale through grants to allow us to weigh and charge by weight. The new transfer station walls allow us to set up two 40 yard roll-off boxes for construction waste and bulky waste like furniture.


We have a compost area for yard and organic waste but few use it. About 14% of all of our waste is organic and compostable. That equals about 150 tons a year. We pay about $16,000 a year to transport it and landfill it. If we can encourage more backyard and transfer station composting, we would save more money.

Annual Reports

Waste Collection 2013Total Annual Costs of the Transfer Station

  • 2007 $222,244
  • 2008 $210,252
  • 2009 $216,946
  • 2010 $187,500
  • 2011 $154,223
  • 2012 $148,682
  • 2013 $157,281
  • 2014 $159,086
  • 2015 $168,173
  • 2016 $194,028
  • 2017 $179,526
  • Savings of 20% over last 11 years!

2018 Household Hazardous Waste Colletion Report

Canaan/Orange held two Household Hazardous Waste Days in 2018. The first was on June 9 and the second was on September 8th.

The Following are the results from the two collections:

116 Canaan Households or 8%
14 Orange Households or 9%

501 Gallons of Paint
142 Gallons of Other Chemicals
111 Aerosols

126 Canaan Households
137 Gallons of Other Chemicals
153 Aerosols