October 30, 2017

Significant damage occurred as a result of the October 30, 2017 flood.

The damage affected roads...

damaged road
road washing away near bridge
washed out corner

bridges and culverts...
bridge abutments
debris by bridge
failing guardrail
high water under bridge
repair near culvert

sandbagged building
water level near pizza place
ruined dugout
water level on depot street
water level downtown
water level downtown

Williams Field and the Rail Trail....
water level at Williams Field
water level at Williams Field
water level at Williams Field
water near Rail Trail System

sewer pump station...
water operator working on pump for water and sewer system

water treatment plant....
blown down trees on fence
blown down trees on fence

and caused new dams that threaten us on Orange Brook.
trees damming water
trees torn out by surging water
log jam of trees

Special thanks to the 25 people who responded to an appeal on Facebook for volunteers to sandbag Village businesses.
volunteers setting sandbags
line of sandbags

Also thank you to the 30 Cardigan students and faculty that picked up the sandbags on the evening of the 30th.
students helping with sandbags


March 17, 2011

tree debris caused by flood
ice dam under bridge


"Mother's Day Flood"
May 14, 2006

flooding up to hardware store steps
flooding over common flooding over common
flooding on depot street flooding from common to williams field


"The Great Flood" March 1, 1896

historic photo of men in boat in floodwaters downtown