• Purpose
  • Members

The Board of Selectmen, acting as a board and not individually, manages the affairs of the Town. They are authorized to:

  • Propose a budget to the Budget Committee and voters
  • Set tax rates
  • Authorize the spending money within the total voter approved appropriation
  • Manage finances
  • Managing roads, facilities and employees
  • Appoint officials
  • Convey land
  • Layout highways
  • Issue licenses
  • Set fees
  • Establish welfare guidelines
  • Hold hearings
  • Communicate for the Town
  • Establish Town policy
  • Adopt many types of ordinances

Members (followed by year of term end):

David McAlister, 2016

Bob Reagan, 2018

Scott Borthwick, Chairman 2017

Select Board Administrator:
Michael Samson

Executive Support & Website Manager:
Sharon Duffy