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The Board of Selectmen, acting as a board and not individually, manages the affairs of the Town. They are authorized to:

  • Propose a budget to the Budget Committee and voters
  • Set tax rates
  • Authorize the spending money within the total voter approved appropriation
  • Manage finances
  • Managing roads, facilities and employees
  • Appoint officials
  • Convey land
  • Layout highways
  • Issue licenses
  • Set fees
  • Establish welfare guidelines
  • Hold hearings
  • Communicate for the Town
  • Establish Town policy
  • Adopt many types of ordinances

Members (followed by year of term end):

David McAlister, 2016

Bob Reagan, Chairman 2015

Scott Borthwick, 2017

Select Board Administrator:
Michael Samson

Administrative Support & Website Manager:
Sharon Duffy

Selectmen Communication with the Mascoma Valley Regional School District

The Board of Selectmen are responsible for raising all of the tax monies used to finance the Town government as voted at Town Meeting and to fund the school appropriation and bond payments voted at the School annual meeting.

As the amount of school taxes have substantially increased over the past few years, the Select Board are worried about the impact on low income homeowners. This past year the Board endorsed increasing the exemptions for elderly and handicapped homeowners to $85,000 a year. To work to protect the other moderate income taxpayers the Selectmen recently made a presentation to the Mascoma Valley Regional School District. The Select Board stated that they were not opposed to the new school addition and renovations but wanted to make sure that it stayed within the amount authorized by the voters. They also asked Mike Samson to review the process for the application of unassigned fund balance (surplus) in maintaining a lower, balanced tax rate.

The following is a list of questions that the Selectmen proposed to the School Board for their consideration and in an effort to expand knowledge of what the construction process will be and how the costs will be contained.

Those questions have answers from the architect added in boxes on the original set of questions.

In addition, the architect has included a letter of general information.

Also attached is Superintendent Andrew's transmission letter.

*A pdf version of these documents is available here. Note that the the websites on both letters will give additional information about the architect and the school construction and are as follows: http://marinarchitects.com and www.mascoma.k12.nh.us.

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