Canaan Cemetery Trustees Annual Report 2016

Middle School boys raking leaves at Wells cemeteryIt has been a busy summer for our Cemetery custodian, Barry Geddes. With a part time helper, the cemeteries and roadways into them continue to look good.

Tree work continues to be done each summer, whether taking down dead trees or just trimming problem branches, it has helped the spring cleanup go a little faster.

We hope in the future, to repair, and in some areas replace, some of the wrought iron fencing at Wells Cemetery and have replaced some of missing fencing at South Road cemetery. We have money toward the repair and replacement at Wells cemetery, from a fund donated by the Mildred Nixon Trust, which was given to be exclusively used at Wells Cemetery.

Work on gathering information for the mapping project at Wells has continued and is moving along thanks to Vicky McAlister and her volunteers.

We once again want to thank the Cardigan Mountain 4-H Club for their continued annual cleanup of the Schofield Cemetery. We continue to appreciate all your efforts.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Hayward
Phil Carter
Kenneth Lary

Cemetery Trustees

New in 2017

well drilling equipment

Thanks to the generosity of the Emeline Davis Trust the cemetery trustees have installed a new well and piping in the Canaan Street Cemetery.

grave yard  gravestoneCobble Hill Cemetery on South Road is one of Canaan's Oldest Cemeteries.