Canaan Cemetery Trustees Annual Report 2015

Another busy year for cemetery employees, David Heath and Barry Geddes. Our tree trimming efforts have continued and because of that, the cemeteries continue to look greener and neater. Repairs to the driveways at Canaan Street and Wells Cemeteries were done along with all the other chores.

We would like to commend Barry Geddes, for his efforts in resetting 186 head stones that were very tilted or on the ground at the Sawyer Hill Cemetery. It was a very time consuming and a much needed chore. They look good and Barry hopes to continue this project wherever needed.

We also want to give a big Thank You - to volunteers Lloyd Bunten and Mike Young for the repair and painting of the fence at the cemetery on West Farms Road . Your efforts are very appreciated and the results are beautiful! Thank you.

Again, as we need to do every year – thank you to the Cardigan Mountain Bobcat 4-H Club for their continued annual cleanup at the Schofield Cemetery. We continue to appreciate all your efforts.

fence at cemeteryRespectfully submitted,
Barbara J. Hayward
Ellie Davis
Philip Carter
Cemetery Trustees