Canaan Cemetery Trustees Annual Report 2013

2013 saw a continuance of the five year plan of cleaning up the cemeteries of dead trees and trimming back limbs that could cause problems in the future followed by the removal all of this debris. Mowing, raking and keeping the cemeteries looking their best is always a challenge.

Maintaining the cemeteries in good order has been the responsibility of David Heath and Barry Geddis. Thanks to them our cemeteries are in tip top shape. Special thanks should go to Cardigan Mountain School for their continued volunteer help at the Wells and Canaan Street Cemeteries. Many years of thanks should go to the Cardigan Mountain Bobcats 4H Club for their care of the Schofield Cemetery.

The five year plan of cleaning up cemeteries of dead trees, etc. will end in two more years. At that point the cemetery trustees will concentrate on the monuments. Many of them are very old and need to be put back on their foundation and need repairs. This is a very expensive project that needs some careful thought before going ahead with it.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara J. Hayward
Eleanor Davis
Philip Carter
Cemetery Trustees