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What is Canaan doing?

Canaan's Emergency Management Team has developed a local plan to manage possible Coronavirus cases in Canaan.

This plan will change as needed and we will keep you informed about changes.

We are working closely with DHMC and the Upper Valley Public Health Council to integrate our activities with our neighbors.

These are facts we want you to know:


Call NH Health & Human Services if you think you might need testing. 271-4496 during office hours or 271-5300 after office hours.

If you are self isolating in a home in Canaan and need non-medical assistance, call 523-7400 and leave your name, phone number, location and the need you have and we will call you back to help.

Click HERE for a FAQS sheet from NHHS.

Link to NHHS web information page

Link to DHMC

virus poster
Click HERE to view PDF


no reusable bags

News Release - March 21, 2020
Governor Chris Sununu Issues Emergency Order 10 - COVID-19.

Emergency Order #10: Requiring all grocers and retail stores to temporarily transition to use of single use paper or plastic bags. This Order shall apply to grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores selling any product, and any other similar establishment engaged in in-store sale of retail products to customers.

"Our grocery store workers are on the front lines of COVID-19, working around the clock to keep New Hampshire families fed," said Governor Chris Sununu. "With identified community transmission, it is important that shoppers keep their reusable bags at home given the potential risk to baggers, grocers and customers. This Emergency Order directs all grocers and retail stores in the state to temporarily transition to only use new paper or plastic grocery bags provided by stores as soon as feasibly possible."


To view all the State of NH Emergency Orders, Click HERE.


police letter
Click HERE to view PDF




Town Office

Gloria Koch, Finance – Remote service. Drop mail and papers in box by door in basement. Call 523-4501 ext 7 or email at gkoch@canaannh.org.

Nelson Therriault, Welfare– Remote service – Call if you need assistance 523-4501 ext 6

Mike Samson, Town Administrator– Working remotely. Meetings by appointment. Call 523-4501 ext. 5 or email townadmin@canaannh.org.

Sherrill Zani, Assessing & Building Permits – Working remotely. Call 523-4501 ext 3 or email szani@canaannh.org. If office is closed Zani is connected by enhanced remote capability.

Vicky McAlister, Town Clerk & Tax Collector – In Office with protection (dutch door window only). Call 523-4501 ext 2 or email. Registrations can still be obtained at the new window in the office. The new window can be used for other business as well.

Interware is waiving the transaction fee for all online transactions that will last for the duration of the State of Emergency declared in the State of New Hampshire on March 13, 2020 to encourage citizens to renew their motor vehicle registration and their dogs license online. You will be able to renew registrations on line. The fees associated with the citizen’s selected payment type, including credit card and ACH fees, cannot be waived as these fees are charged by our partners who help us bring you these services.


Public is not allowed behind the wall of the waiting area except with specific approval.
This is the sign on the Clerk's Office door indicating that the access is moved.

next window Access is now at the dutch door to the left. There is a narrow slot that allows documents to be passed to the Clerk.

accessing window

The dutch door is the only way to communicate with the Town Clerk and Assessing Clerk. There is a slot at the bottom of the plexiglass panel.

accessing window

The main window in front of Assessing has been closed off with additional plexiglass.
The purpose is to avoid physical contact between employees and the public. This will allow us to stay open and avoid Covid 19.

Water & Sewer – Operator not available to the public. Readings and system monitoring will be done by operator. Call Town Administrator at 523-4501 ext 5.

Transfer Station Trash – open regular hours. No attendant help. No contact with attendants.   Manned by JR DeFosse and Danny Grace. Telephone 523-7952.

Wood and scrap metal will be cleaned up after patron hours. Danny Grace – No citizen interaction.

Connie Smith – Recycling will be open but you are encouraged to defer recyclables drop-off until 4-3-20 if you can. Connie will be wearing a respirator which limits her activity. PLEASE: do not put dirty tissues into the recycling - this will spread germs.

JR DeFosse – Transport – No citizen interaction.

Mechanic Tom Marlar 523-4926. – No interaction with public. 6 foot isolation with other employees except when help is needed.

Highway Bob Scott and all crew, chdbob@canaannh.org, 523-4344 – No person to person contact. Use phone or email. Honoring 6 foot isolation distance with other employees except when help is needed. Lunch room closed. Briefings will be in Town Garage with 6 foot isolation distance. Wipe down controls, door handles and steering wheel in trucks at end of shift.
Fire Bill Bellion, Chief, 523-4850, cfdchief@canaannh.org. No congregation of firefighters except at fires. Defer group training that isn’t required. Communicate by phone, text, email and tones only. Limited social interaction except by social media. Burn permits will be issued outside of building. Renewals are on-line.

EMS Bill Bellion, 523-8808, emschief@canaannh.org, Chief of Service and Jordyn Bagalio, Operations Manager, emsoperations@canaannh.org – Reduce non-essential training. Using computers more. Use phone and email. Maintain isolation distance where possible and survey questions on covid when possible. Maintain responder inter-social contacts.

Police Sam Frank, Police Chief. Conducting business by phone at 523- 7400 or by email at sfrank@canaanpolice.com. Canaan Police Department is changing the way we operate and unfortunately that means having to temporarily suspend some low priority services that we currently provide. Those include but are not limited to, motor vehicle unlocks, VIN inspections, ride-a-longs, and fingerprinting.

We are also closing our lobby to the public unless it is an emergency. We will be handling more situations over the phone or via email or social medial. Offenders that are required to register are to call ahead and make an appointment.

We also want to advise the public that the Canaan Police Department will be practicing social distancing and may be utilizing personal protective equipment when deemed necessary so that we can continue to serve the community and keep our community members safe during this crisis.

Conducting business by phone at 523- 7400 or by email at sfrank@canaanpolice.com. The public is restricted to the lobby entrance. The entrance will be sanitized frequently. Police activity with the public will be limited to necessary functions.

Library Amy Thurber, Librarian 523-9650, circulationdesk@canaanlibrary.org. The library will be closed March 17 - April 5. All programs will be cancelled or rescheduled. Patrons are encouraged to access the library's online services at www.canaanlibrary.org.

If you need your patron number or a password, please use the above email or call and leave a message, staff will be monitoring these forms of communication and will get back to you.



Compare March 12 and March 17 New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report

(updated March 12, 2020, 9:00 AM)

Number of Persons Confirmed * 2
Number of Persons Presumptive Positive, awaiting CDC confirmation ** 4
Number of Persons with Test Pending in PHL *** 21
Number of Persons Tested (closed, tested negative) 94
Total Number of Persons Provided Specimens 121
Number of Persons Being Monitored in NH (approximate point in time) 275

* Includes specimens confirmed by CDC confirmatory testing. ** Includes specimens tested at NH Public Health Laboratories (PHL) and other laboratories. *** Includes specimens received and awaiting testing at NH Public Health Laboratories (PHL). New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report

(updated March 17, 2020, 9:00 AM) Number of Persons Confirmed * 26
Number of Persons with Test Pending in PHL *** 208
Number of Persons Tested (closed, tested negative) 747
Number of Persons Being Monitored in NH (approximate point in time) 475


State of New Hampshire Emergency Orders - 2020

March 13, 2020 -Executive Order 2020-04 - An order declaring a state of emergency due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 1 - Temporary remote instruction and support for public K-12 school districts

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 2 - Temporary prohibition on scheduled gatherings of 50 or more attendees and onsite beverage consumption

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 3 - All providers of electric, gas, water, telephone, cable, VOIP, internet service, and deliverable fuel services will be prohibited from disconnecting or discontinuing service for non-payments for the duration of the State of Emergency

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 4 - Landlords will not be allowed to start eviction proceedings for those unable to pay due to their financial situations. To do so would be against the law. All judicial and non-judicial foreclosure actions will also be prohibited during the state of emergency

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 5 - Individuals who are unable to work or who have reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have immediate access to unemployment benefits. Anyone in the following situations will now be eligible for state unemployment

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 6 - Temporary authorization for take-out or delivery beer or wine. All restaurants, diners, bars, saloons, private clubs or any other establishment that have both a restaurant license and on premise license from the New Hampshire liquor commission shall be temporarily authorized to allow for takeout or delivery of beer or wine.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 7 - Temporary modification of data and privacy governance plans.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 8 - Temporary expansion of access to Telehealth Services to protect the public and health care providers

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 9 - Establishes the COVID-19 Emergency Healthcare System Relief Fund

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 10 - Requiring all sellers of groceries to temporarily transition to use of single use paper or plastic bags.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 11: Temporary authority to perform secure remote online notarization.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order12: Temporary modification of public access to meetings under RSA 91-A.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 13: Temporary allowance for New Hampshire pharmacists and pharmacies to compound and sell hand sanitizer over the counter ("OTC") and to allow pharmacy technicians to perform non-dispensing tasks remotely.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 14: Temporary authorization for out-of-state pharmacies to act as a licensed mail-order facility within the State of New Hampshire.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 15: Temporary authorization for out of state medical providers to provide medically necessary services and provide services through telehealth.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 16: Temporary prohibition on scheduled gatherings of 10 or more attendees.

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 17: Closure of non-essential businesses and requirig Granite Staters to stay at home

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 17 Exhibit A:  Essential Services List

March 2020 -  Emergency Orders 18: Temporary modification to Department of Safety Laws and Regulations

March 2020 -  Emergency Order 19: Extension of Remote Instruction and Support for Public K-12 Schools

To view the State of New Hampshire Covid-19 Emergency Orders page, Click HERE

To view the New Hampshire Department of Health Covid-19 Information Page, Click HERE



Disconnection of public services:
Click HERE

Prohibition of evictions and foreclosures:
Click HERE

Emergency Unemployment Benefits for Self Employed and Employees of others:
Click HERE


Canaan, NH Fire Department & Emergency Management

Due to the changing situations with COVID-19, our facility will be closed to the public. This has not been an easy decision to make for us but we do feel it is necessary to help limit the potential spread of COVID-19.

Please use the online burn permit system if you need a fire permit: https://nhdflweb.sovsportsnet.net/


Our meeting room has been closed to all outside use. This does not affect our emergency response.


Thank you for your understanding.


All Schools in the Mascoma School District will be closed until further notice.  

Breakfasts and lunches will be delivered via bus routes starting Wednesday, March 18th.  Buses plan to leave schools at 11:00 am and will follow the normal afternoon run so please look out for them.



nh employment security logo

The current situation has many people out of work.  To make an unemployment claim, go to https://www.nhes.nh.gov/. 

Due to COVID-19, all claims and questions should be directed to NHES.NH.GOV or call the Unemployment Assistance Hotline at 603-271-7700. The offices are closed to the public.  Due to high volume of applicants, the computer systems may be running slow. We apologize for any inconvenience.

unemployment security graft


The Canaan Town Library
will be closed until
Monday, April 6th.

All programs will be cancelled or rescheduled.

Please take advantage of the library's online services and teaching children-at-home resources by visiting www.canaanlibrary.org

If you need your library card number or a password, please email circulationdesk@canaanlibrary.org for assistance.

Things to do while you're home

Thanks to the librarians at the George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson, NH for this list of fun!

  • Museums, classes, etc.
  • Virtual Arts and Culture
  • Julia Child: Free episodes available. More episodes with amazon subscription
  • Cincinnati Zoo Home Safaris
  • Storytime Online: Watch famous people read picture books
  • Calendar of Book Themed Events
  • Author Kate Messner read aloud with activities
  • Opera and Classical Music: live recordings of performances
  • Podcasts for people missing sports
  • Podcasts for theater geeks
  • Math Games

    Ideas for staying mentally healthy

    Junior Library Guild @ Home

    Looking for activities and resources to keep students engaged during this new-normal of school closures and social distancing? As the collection-development partner for school and public libraries across the nation, Junior Library Guild is offering you these free resources to help keep students' brains busy and blossoming.

    With JLG Gold Standard eBooks for Elementary, Middle School and High school students, JLG Digital gives your readers unlimited access to read books online from any device. There is no limit to the number of users who can access the books, so tell your home-bound students to click to their hearts' content! Titles enter and exit the digital stream regularly, so there are always new picks available.

    Library of On-Demand Webcasts: Check out our binge-worthy collection of on-demand webcasts, featuring author interviews, editorial insight, book talks, and more. Recent favorites include a Q&A with Nikki Grimes (Ordinary Hazards), a fun chat with Jon Scieszka (Astronuts), and an author talk with 2019 Newbery Medalist Meg Medina (Merci Suárez Changes Gears). All on-demand webcasts are available in closed-captioning.

    Aiden Tyler, Quaran-teen - A Weekly Webcast “Serial” with Author Rex Ogle
    Tuesdays at 2 p.m. ET

    List of Weekly Webcasts:
    There’s a lot going on these days, what with school closures, and social distancing, and toilet-paper conundrums. It’s heavy stuff. It’s worrisome stuff. And it’s stuff that we’re all experiencing right along with Aiden Tyler, the title character in author Rex Ogle’s (Free Lunch) new & original story, AIDEN TYLER, QUARAN-TEEN. Rex is writing this creative new middle-grade offering in real-time, about our real-world predicament, and will be reading each week’s newest chapter aloud on this one-of-a-kind webcast “serial”! Tune in every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET to catch the latest in Aiden’s quaran-teen’ed story—and stick around after the reading for a weekly Q&A with Rex. This is the perfect virtual get-away for students and educators looking for a fun and relatable escape from their own quarantines!

    wifi is available
    The library may not be open, but the wifi is on. Look for Network CTL. Parking spaces in front and to the side of the building should have access. Please do not park in the driveway behind the building, those spaces are reserved for town employees, thanks!

    A Book Drop Request: Please feel free to keep your checked out materials at home. We do not charge overdue fines, and will not be worried about your materials being late. Thank you.


    friends logo
    UPDATE FROM Friends of Mascoma Foundation
    Food Pantry

    Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the recommendations to practice appropriate social distancing, the Friends of Mascoma Foundation has decided to implement the following set up for our Canaan public pantry.

    Effective immediately the Friends of Mascoma Foundation will no longer be operating food pantries that are open to the public. We will be coordinating with local law enforcement or otherwise designated points of contact to get bagged/boxed food to people ONCE a week.

    If you are interested in receiving this food, please complete the information below and send it to Elkozma@friendsofmascoma.org (Use BOX ORDER in the subject heading) or call the FOM Office: 603.632.4542 by Friday at 5pm.

    We anticipate that boxes will be packaged on Sundays and then made available to each designated person/office below in one of the 5 Mascoma Towns. Pick up/distribution will be coordinated through each town. You may also send them your form directly.

    Boxes will be available through each contact so you may be able to get a box even if you miss the Friday deadline. The Friday deadline will allow us to make an estimate of how many boxes we need to prepare.

    Click HERE for PDF of form emergency form


    Mascoma Area Senior Center

    1166 US Route 4, Canaan, NH

    Dear GCSCC Community,

    To slow down the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) we all must do our part to limit social interaction and group gatherings. This is especially important for the safety and well-being of older adults.

    For the protection of our clients, volunteers, and staff, effective Monday, March 16, all senior center activities managed by the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council will be closed indefinitely.

    Meals on Wheels deliveries will continue.

    If you have any questions, please contact your local program at the Mascoma rea Senior Center ( 523-4333) , or check for updates on WMUR.com

    Thank you,

    Sharon L. Dunbar, Director
    Mascoma Area Senior Center
    Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc
    1166 Route 4, P.O. Box 210
    Canaan, NH 03741
    Ph. 603-523-4333
    Fax. 603-523-4334


    listen center logo

    The Monday community dinner in Canaan is cancelled until further notice. 

    The community dinners served in White River Junction are now available to all on a “to go” basis from 5-5:30pm on Monday-Saturdays at 42 Maple Street in White River Junction. While the dining hall is not open for diners to congregate, we welcome anyone to come by and pick up a meal that will be packaged for you to take away.

    The food pantry at 60 Hanover Street in Lebanon is open and we have prepared emergency boxes of food for you to take home. There is a limit of one box per member of your household. We also have limited pet food. If you have dietary restrictions, we will do our best to meet your needs. There is no need to come inside the pantry --simply come to the side door and we will meet you.  To make a "first-time" appointment, call (603) 448-4553.  We are open 10am - 4pm on Monday-Friday until further notice.

    LISTEN is taking a number of steps to help keep our community safe during the COVID-19 crisis while continuing to meet the critical needs of Upper Valley individuals and families. One of these actions was to temporarily close our four thrift stores on March 17 to encourage social distancing.  We now urgently need your help to continue providing vital services.

    Click HERE to view the Listen Website to see how you can help and view the services they offer. 


    Across New Hampshire, 1 in 4 families struggle to afford their basic needs. One minor issue can create a major financial hardship. With the COVID-19 in our communities, these families are particularly in danger. One missed paycheck can be catastrophic.

    Granite United Way is here to help. We’ve launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund to help partner organizations in their response to the virus. Below you will find links to resources and our donate page in support of our COVID-19 Relief Fund.

    As always, Granite United Way's 211 NH initiative is there 24 hours a day to connect people with the resources they need in times of crisis. Governor Chris Sununu announced that 211 NH would be taking calls from NH residents regarding COVID-19. To date these Information and Referral Specialists have answered thousands of calls and are providing the most up to date information.

    For additional information, contact us at info@graniteuw.org. or Click HERE.


    sharing is  caring logo


    The White River Jct. United Methodist Church is hosting a Sharing & Caring Food Location. Need something? Take it! Have something? Leave it!

    This is a resource that may be accessed by ANYONE who needs it in our communities.

    We have three totes outside of the church at 106 Gate Street in White River Junction that will remain there 24/7 for as long as we can keep them stocked. One tote is filled with coolers of perishable food items and meals. One tote is nonperishables items and fresh produce. The third tote has toiletries/hygiene products and pet food. In about 12hrs (overnight), our full totes were completely empty! There is a real need.

    We are so fortunate to have partnered up with Stern’s Quality Produce and Hartford Community Coalition! Stern’s is generously donating fresh produce to us. We have been added as one of HCC’s locations to receive daily meals.

    If you or someone you know is in need, PLEASE let them know about this resource! We are just one of many in the community and together we hope it can help many people. It truly takes a village. If you would like to donate, feel free to swing by and drop something off or let me know and we can work something out. Find us on Facebook to follow these efforts!

    Thank you so much!


    What Local Food Establishments are doing.....

    The State of New Hampshire
    has mandated that all restaurants be closed for sit-down service
    until April 7th.

    food delivery

    A resident who is a local delivery person sent in the following important information. “In the interest of maintaining 6 feet of distance, please consider letting your delivery person leave your package outside your door rather than taking it directly from them. If picking it up from the stoop is a challenge, consider putting out a folding chair or a small table. We want everyone and their families to stay safe! We appreciate your understanding. Thank you, your local delivery teams”

    603 bakery logo

    The 603 Bakery & Cafe
    1182 US Rte 4, Canaan,
    (603) 523-7709

    Menu:   BreakfastSandwiches, Grill, Drinks Open Friday Night until 7:00 PM.

    As everyone knows we are very committed to "Keepin' it Canaan" we love our people, that being said we are taking every measure to keep you healthy & happy at the 603 Bakery and Cafe. We are sanitizing very frequently & always protecting our guest as well as ourselves.

    We serve our entire menu (breakfast/lunch) from 5am until closing everyday we are open. Please feel free to call ahead for quick pick up. We know you still have to eat & take care of your families and so do we, so let's all keep it local! Thank you all for your devoting. Safe safe! Let us know if we can help you in anyway! See you soon!

    red wagon bakery logo

    Red Wagon Bakery
    (603) 523-2062
    1194 US-4, Canaan

    “It is with a heavy heart I announce that Red Wagon Bakery will be closed for the foreseeable future. We hope this means a couple weeks, but are very aware that things are changing at a rapid pace and we may be impacted further. This decision was not easy and while we would love to offer take-out only, the business model simply would not be sustainable for us at this time.

    Furthermore, we feel it our responsibility to aid in the nationwide effort to flatten the curve and practice social distancing. We thank our incredible community for the overwhelming support. I will continue taking bakery orders for cookies by the dozen, brownies, pies, breads, quiches, muffins etc. You may order over Facebook or by email: redwagonbakes@gmail.com. We will arrange pick up times or I will offer a window on Saturdays to pick up.

    pleasant valley store logo

    Cathy & Stu's Pleasant Valley Store
    253 US-4, Canaan, NH
    (603) 632-4603
    Monday to Saturday 5am to 8pm
    Sunday 7 am to 7 pm.

    Tell them what you need and they will bag it up and bring it out to your vehicle. We also have a take-out window. 

    take-out window

    Prepared take-out meals available - click HERE for Menu

    They will deliver for a $5.00 charge. Handicapped seating only in the store.

    canaan village pizza logo

    Canaan Pizza
    1209 US-4, Canaan, NH
    (603) 523-4314
    Open Sunday to Thursday 11am to 9pm
    Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm

    We are open for take out only.  Call ahead and we will deliver to your car.


    Jakes logo

    At the corner of Route 4 and May Street in Enfield.

    We are now offering curbside pick-up at our Enfield, NH, location, for any item available in the store.  Curbside pick-up will be available 8am – 3pm, 7 days a week. Please call us at 603-632-1230 and say, “I’d like to place an order for Curbside Pick-Up."

    In order to help our customers conveniently feed themselves and their families, all of our locations in both Vermont and New Hampshire are increasing our Take Home Meal options. We can get through this together! 



    (617) 319-2877
    505 US-4, Enfield

    Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
    and Sunday 9am to 4pm

    Pellegrinos has plenty of fresh produce, breads, meats, sandwiches and pre-made foods. 

    Mickey's cafe logo

    Mickey's Roadside Cafe
    330 US Route 4, Enfield
    (603) 632-9400

    Open 6am to 9pm daily

    Click HERE for Menu

    Has a takeout window and delivery.
    enfield house of pizza logo
    Enfield House of Pizza
    554 US Route 4, Enfield
    HOURS ARE: TUES - SUN. 11am - 8pm. (603) 632-5800 &
    (603) 632-7211

    For Menu and more information: https://www.facebook.com/EnfieldHouseofPizza/ Our Take-Out window is READY and at your service!

    Please simply follow these precautionary steps -

    1. Call in and place your order over the phone.

    2. Let us know when you arrive in the parking lot. If you do not have a cell phone tell us what your vehicle make and model is so we can watch for your arrival.

    3. We will then place your order on this convenient table located at our window.


    4. After our window closes you may then approach the table for your complete order. Final step - Enjoy your food, stay safe, and know that we are here doing everything we can to serve you safely.

    Additional steps we are taking for your continued protection - We make sure your order never leaves our site while on the pick up table. We have turned off the signature requirements for credit card sales. We will provide you with a printed receipt, for your records only.

    We are not allowing delivery drivers into our kitchen areas at all.  Our kitchen is a safe and sanitized food preparation area. All supply deliveries are left outside the building. Items are now removed from their cardboard boxes first before being brought into the kitchen. The box is then disposed directly to the dumpster.


    Canaan . . .

    A friendly Community created by helpful neighbors and willing volunteers. A community that shares in

    A strong community tied together by efficient and responsive
    Town Government and civic and community groups.

    For Boards, Departments & Town Information, visit our Town Government Page or the Town Offices Tab.

    job opportunity collage

    A place of Opportunity that provides the perfect setting for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Craftsmen in the natural beauty that draws visitors to our lakes, trails and mountains. We come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse talents, hold independent views, and express ourselves in many different ways.

    For a closer look at how you might find your perfect niche here, visit our Opportunity Page.

    The Heritage of New England still plays a strong role in Canaan. We value our history, meeting places, old ways, and lessons from the past. Our heritage helps us to embrace the future.

    For images from our past, understanding of our history and our efforts to retain our traditions, visit our Heritage page.

    historic places collage

    Closings & Events:

     *Upcoming Events: Click Here!

    Next meeting of the Friends of Canaan Village will be held Tuesday, April 14th @ 6:30 at the Canaan United Methodist Church.

    The Selectman's Meetings will now be held at 5:00pm in the Town Conference Room - not 6:00 pm.

    ***Remember that there is a Winter Parking Ban so there is no street or public parking lot parking between 11 PM and 6 AM. Violators may be fined and towed. This ban runs between Nov. 1 and April 16.

    To View regular Town Office Hours & Contacts, please view the "HOURS/Contacts Tab" above.

    Official Notices:

    To request Town Notices by email, Click Here.


    Canaan is a Dry Town in September !

    elbow pipe

    In September 2019 there was a major water break. Read the complete story HERE.

    July 2019 Flood

    On July 11, 2019, a torrential rain storm hit Canaan at 8:15 PM. More than 6 inches of rain came down in less than 2 hours. Streams overflowed, flat roads had many inches of standing water and roadside ditches washed out taking more than half of the driving lanes of the dirt roads downstream.

    A total of 29 town roads were damaged. A total of 13 miles of the 35 miles of road experienced severe damage. Several roads were impassable. In addition, there was damage to several town facilities including the transfer station Road bridge.

    In all there was about $400,000 in damages to roads and facilities. The Town is expected to take at least two months to complete repairs. Canaan is waiting on a storm declaration so that we can be reimbursed by FEMA for part of the cost.

    road damage near culvert flooded roadway man showing depth of damage to be waist deep

    More photos may be seen on the Emergency Management Page.

    Thank You Cardigan Mountain School!

    volunteers raking
    volunteers piling brush
    volunteers near a brush pile
    volunteers raking

    Thank you once again for the student work teams from Cardigan Mountain School that helped clean the Village and take the limbs out of our three largest cemeteries.

    Canaan Bird & Garden Club turns 80

    club gathering

    Seventeen current and past members of the Canaan Bird & Garden Club met in April to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the club. The first meeting of the club was held April 15, 1939 at the Hinman house on Canaan Street (currently owned by the Goins) with Zepheryn Clark voted in as the first president of the club. Folks enjoyed reminiscing and looking over old minutes/pictures/etc. that Nancy Loomis provided from our archives.

    News from Cardigan Mountain Art Association

    art council logoThis spring Cardigan Mountain Art Association will restore and display Canaan's historic stage scenery. CMAA has engaged Curtains Without Borders, Inc., a Vermont-based nonprofit conservation team, to work with volunteers to bring the painted 'drop' curtains back to life and in public view. The four 1890s painted curtains (a grand drape and 3 backdrops used at the Canaan Meeting House when it had an 2nd floor stage) and the 1924 grand drape from the Indian River Grange Hall are part of Canaan's cultural history and great examples of scenic art.


    Canaan's historic Meeting House will be the work site from May 29 through June 5. We will celebrate the project with a display of the curtains and a talk by Christine Hadsel, Director of Curtains Without Borders. 

    Volunteers are essential for the project's success and visitors are welcome to stop by and see work in progress. Please call Judith Kushner at 603 523-4337 (or email judith.kushner@gmail.com) if you would like to help and for more information.

    CMAA is grateful for many generous financial contributions to this project and for a grant from NH State Council on the Arts. CMAA is supported in part by a grant from the NH Mooseplate program and New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.  

    people looking at drape on floor

    And. . . .

    Don't forget to check out the Old Home Day Photos on the Old Home Days Page and the Christmas in Canaan Galleries on the Christmas in Canaan Page

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    Office Hours & Contacts:

    For all Fire/Health/Police Emergencies
    Call 911

    These are the standard Holiday Observances. Please watch the News & Alerts Tab for other closings or changes in this schedule.

    New Year's Day
    Civil Rights Day
    President's Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Columbus Day
    Veteran's Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Day after Thanksgiving
    Last work day before Christmas
    Christmas Day
    Administrators Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-4 If front door is locked, please use back door.
    Mon-Wed-Fri: 9-12 & 1-4
    Tues-Thurs-Sat; 9-12 Wed; 6-8
    523-4850, Non-Emergencies
    523-8808, Non-Emergencies
    Winter: 7-3:30 Mon-Fri
    Summer: 6-4:30 Mon-Thurs
    Water & Sewer Department
    W&S Operator: 304-9380
    Town Administrator: 707-9349
    Tours available upon request.
    Library: 523-9650
    Mon 3-8
    Tues; 1-8
    Wed; 1-8
    Thurs; 1-5
    Fri; 9-12
    Sat; 9-3
    Sunday: Center Closed
    Monday: Center Closed
    Tuesday: 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
    Wednesday: 7 a.m.-11 a.m.
    Thursday: 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
    Friday: 7 a.m.-11 a.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
    The Transfer Station is closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Independence Day, the Saturday before Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
    Tax Assessor 523-4501 x 103
    Mon-Fri: 8-4
    Building Inspector: 523-4501 x 103
    Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm
    Human Services: 523-9901
    Mon-Fri; 9-12
    Town Finance Office: 523-4501 x 107
    Mon-Thurs; 8-3
    Recreation Coordinator: 523-4501 x 111
    By Appointment
    Website Manager: 523-4501 x 108
    By Appointment

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    Town Government Page

    Email the Town Administrator:
    Mike Samson

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    Cathy Stark

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